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The Buzz about Breakthrough

Acclaim For the Show:

"Phenomenal . . . Breakthrough is beyond imagination! Tony Robbins has created a television masterpiece... riveting, wonderful, inspiring and humbling!"
Larry King
Larry King Live

The Buzz about Breakthrough

"... Just when you thought summer T.V. lacked bite ... here is a show that is full of humanity, compassion and hope ... I was left feeling completely inspired & uplifted."
Hugh Jackman
Actor & Producer
"Phenomenal ... Breakthrough is beyond imagination! Tony Robbins has created a television masterpiece. You will not touch the clicker! My wife and I couldn't move - riveting, wonderful, inspiring and humbling!"
Larry King
Larry King Live
"... Smart, real, and extremely moving. A lesson in resilience, overcoming obstacles, and the indomitable human spirit."
Arianna Huffington
Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post
"... It illuminates the humbling truth that many of the 'problems' we all struggle with are traps of our own making ... Renew your faith that you can shape your own happiness with a little courage."
Edward Norton
Actor, Screenwriter & Director
"... a life changing, powerful and entertaining demonstration of what's possible when the human spirit is unleashed. Watch and enjoy!"
Paula Abdul
American Pop Singer and Television Personality
"This extraordinary reality series reflects some of Tony Robbins most brilliant work. Breakthrough is a poignant example of how people can transform tragedy into opportunity ... "
Dr. Frank M. Dattilio
Department of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School
"One of the most transforming shows on TV. If you’re experiencing tough times… Tony Robbins provides solid plans of action that make sense and feed your spirit."
Cindy Pearlman
Chicago Sun Times
"Tony Robbins is a genius and Breakthrough is an impassioned experience not to be missed. His ability to strategically guide people through any challenge is unparalleled."
Steve Wynn
Chairman & CEO, Wynn Resorts
"We all search for an unadulterated raw experience and Tony Robbins delivers Breakthroughs that shine a loving light on the serpentine path called life. Get ready for some big time transformations by a big time personality."
Dr. Mehmet Oz
Best selling author & Host of "The Dr. Oz Show"
"... the extraordinary power of the human spirit to overcome tragedy and taste the joy of life once again! Not to be missed!"
William Ury
Co-founder Harvard Program on Negotiation
"Breakthrough opens the mind, moves the spirit and touches the heart – it is uniquely inspired. People who watch the show will go to sleep with more hope than they woke up with."
Donna Karan
World Renowned Fashion Designer
"Tony Robbins does it again! Breakthrough is a passionate television journey that will empower millions of viewers with effective strategies to live life on their terms."
Amber Mac
Author of Power Friending, former G4TechTV Host
and international Social Media Speaker

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Show Dates

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3/26 101 (Frank & Kristen Alioto)
4/2 102 (John and his sons)
4/9 103 (Scott & Mandy Smith)
4/16 104 (Juaquin & Kim Hawkins)
4/23 105 (Ron & Marie Stegner)
4/30 106 (Rick & Melissa Lawson)

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