Episode 6:

Rick and Melissa

Your Decisions Equal Your Destiny
Rick and Melissa

It was supposed to be your dream come true: You've just won Nashville Star, the American Idol of Country Music, and you're off to record an album and tour with the band. Everything dissolves, though, and your dream rips your marriage and family apart, leaving your life in crisis. Can a person turn their crisis into their greatest strength? Absolutely. Watch to see how.


Show Dates

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3/26 101 (Frank & Kristen Alioto)
4/2 102 (John and his sons)
4/9 103 (Scott & Mandy Smith)
4/16 104 (Juaquin & Kim Hawkins)
4/23 105 (Ron & Marie Stegner)
4/30 106 (Rick & Melissa Lawson)

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